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The Perfect Prepaid Visa Card Australia

Corporate reward solutions that drives sales, rewards customers, and increases brand loyalty.


Reward them with anything they want.

When you hand out corporate rewards, incentives and gifts to important people, you want to make it memorable.

That’s why choosing iChoose Visa prepaid cards for your awards, gifts, recognition and incentive programs is the perfect solution for your business. With choice packed into every card and fully branded options, your iChoose cards will become little pocket billboards for your brand every time a cardholder opens their wallet to use their card.

Why an iChoose Prepaid Gift Card?

Accepted Anywhere:

One of the greatest benefits of using iChoose Prepaid Visa Cards for your corporate rewards and incentives program is the flexibility and convenience they provide. Unlike traditional gift cards that are limited to specific retailers or merchants, iChoose Prepaid Visa Cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa cards, giving your recipients the freedom to choose how they want to spend their rewards.

Easily Manage Online:

iChoose Prepaid Visa Cards can be easily managed through an online portal, allowing you to track balances, view transaction history, and even deactivate lost or stolen cards. With iChoose Prepaid Visa Card Australia, you can provide a hassle-free, personalised, and unforgettable experience to your employees, customers, and partners.

We’re 20 Years Strong:

iChoose offers multiple types of Prepaid Visa Cards and has been the trusted leader of corporate Visa prepaid products across the Australian and New Zealand markets since 2003. And as the only independent partner in both markets, we continually drive innovations and product development in reward solutions.

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Compare Card Types & Options

  iChoose Gift Card iChoose+ Single Load iChoose+ Reloadable
Activated life 1 or 2 years 1 or 2 years 1 or 2 years
Branded card option YES YES YES
Reloadable NO YES YES
Setup fee No, unless branded No, unless branded No, unless branded
No minimum order YES YES YES
Large volume discount Yes, if branded Yes, if branded Yes, if branded
Includes iChoose card carrier YES YES YES
Delivery Time 10-14 days 10-14 days 10-14 days
Secure postal delivery Bulk Ship to You Direct to Cardholder Direct to Cardholder
Secure activation In bulk – online By cardholder – online Per cardholder – online
Card limit $1000.00 $4999.99 $4999.99
Pay-wave Tap’n’Go NO NO YES
  iChoose Gift Card iChoose+ Single Load iChoose+ Reloadable

iChoose Prepaid Visa: Rewarding options for every occasion.

  • iChoose Gift: iChoose Gift cards are just like store cards, only better. For those that love the feeling of instant recognition, then handing out these Prepaid Visa Gift Card is the option for you! At the heart of iChoose Prepaid Visa Cards is choice! Cardholders can spend their hard-earned rewards anywhere they want and on anything they like. No restrictions!
  • iChoose + Single Load: Visa prepaid single load cards are ideal for customer and consumer initiatives, where you have a large volume of prepaid gift cards to distribute as part of a large reward offer, cashback or promotions directly to the individual. Sent securely and directly to the cardholder via post, so you don’t have to worry about repackaging and reshipping it. These corporate prepaid cards are ideal for a large volume as part of a large reward offer, cashback or promotion sent directly to the individual.
  • iChoose + Reloadable Cards: iChoose+ reloadable visa cards are perfect for loyalty programs or ongoing payments. The reloadable card allows funds to be loaded frequently depending on the program points earned by the cardholder over time. In some industries, reloadable visa cards have become so popular that participants sign up as a partner because a reloadable payment card is included in the rewards and incentive program.

The iChoose+ range gives your cardholders a greater choice and higher limits. They are also easier to manage with direct send via post to your intended recipient. iChoose+ is available in Single load Prepaid Visa Cards and Reloadable Prepaid Visa Cards. 

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Supercharge your cashback programs.

iChoose cashback offers higher ROI on cashback campaign budgets than a traditional point of sale discounting campaigns. Enjoy end-to-end management of your cashback program via our easy-to-use cashback platform, with full reporting on customer activity and behaviour.

When it comes to the capabilities of corporate business cards, iChoose takes the cake! It offers everything you need to run a successful incentive and reward program, including promotion and communication of your cashback program to your loyal customers and partners.

iChoose+ Visa Gift Cards take your program to the next level and drive and increase sales, nudge existing customers along, create new leads, drive retention, and initiate repurchases and renewals for your brand.

We understand that the success of your cashback program is critical to the overall success of your business. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services to help you make the most of your investment. Our platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with all the tools and features you need to create and manage your cashback program efficiently.

In addition to our platform and gift card options, we also provide expert guidance and support from our team of incentive specialists. Our experts have years of experience in designing and implementing successful cashback programs for businesses of all sizes and industries. We can help you develop a customised program that fits your unique needs and goals while also providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure your program is running smoothly and effectively.

Partnering with iChoose is an investment in the long-term success of your business. Our platform and services are designed to help you achieve your business objectives, whether that’s driving sales, increasing customer loyalty, or boosting engagement. With iChoose, you can have confidence in the effectiveness of your cashback program, knowing that it’s backed by a team of experts who are committed to your success.

We have a card to suit any need, budget or ROI formula. Choose from fully branded, co-branded and iChoose branded options. To get started, talk to one of our B2B incentive experts today.

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Benefits to your business

  • Trusted
    Strong association with VISA
  • Secure
    Card activated by the recipient or you
  • Promotion
    Pocket billboard for your brand
  • Long-Lasting
    12 months or 24 months card validity periods
  • Cost-Effective
    Reduced administration, time and costs

Benefits to recipients

  • Unlimited Choice
    28 million VISA merchants worldwide
  • Branded Cash Is King
    Ultimate reward flexibility
  • It’s Personal
    Cardholder name printed on the card
  • Secure & Supported
    24/7 online and phone support
  • Convenient
    Shop online, in-store, over the phone

Branded Cards

At iChoose, we don’t just offer prepaid cards – we offer pocket billboards for your brand that your customers will carry with them everywhere they go! Imagine every time a customer opens their wallet; they see your logo staring back at them. That’s the kind of brand recognition that gets people talking, and that’s precisely what we deliver.

We know that when it comes to rewards and incentives, it’s not just about the gift itself but the impact it has on your customers, staff, and partners. That’s why we give you the entire front face of the card to customise, so your brand is the star of the show. It’s your chance to make a lasting impression and create a positive association between your brand and the rewards you offer.

And let’s face it – there’s nothing worse than giving out rewards that end up promoting someone else’s business. That’s why our custom-branded prepaid cards are the perfect solution. They provide all the benefits of a gift card but with the added bonus of promoting your brand with every use. It’s like having a walking advertisement for your business, and who wouldn’t want that?

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Perfect for any business and any occasion.

The iChoose Visa card is the ultimate gift for any occasion, no matter what business you’re in. Whether you’re looking to reward loyal customers, incentivise employees, or offer thoughtful gifts to business partners, our custom-branded prepaid cards are the perfect solution.

With the ability to fully customise the card design, you can make a lasting impression and ensure your brand is always top of mind. And with endless branding potential and real wallet-worthy value, our reloadable Visa prepaid cards are the gift that keeps on giving, making them the perfect choice for any business looking to make a lasting impression.

iChoose Visa Prepaid cards are accepted at millions of locations in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Now that’s flexibility and spending power that no other reward can offer. These cards not only offer superior spending power but also unparalleled convenience that is simply better than cash or travel money.

Whether it’s in-store or online, iChoose Visa cards are widely accepted by merchants worldwide, giving you the freedom to make purchases on the go without having to worry about currency exchange rates or ATM fees when withdrawing cash. Plus, you can enjoy the ease and convenience of shopping from anywhere at any time.


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You choose the reason!

  • Business Partners

    • Loyalty & retention programs
    • Reseller rewards
    • Sales rep incentives
    • B2B incentives
    • Expense card
    • Rebates
  • Customer Campaigns

    • Cashback promotions
    • Gift with purchase
    • Prize draws
    • Christmas Gifts
    • Rebates
  • Staff Recognition

    • Long service awards
    • Sales bonuses
    • Internal sales incentives
    • Christmas gifts
    • Expenses & travel
    • End of financial year payments
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