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The perfect corporate Visa prepaid card

Drive sales, reward customers and increase brand loyalty.


Reward them with anything they want.

When you hand out corporate rewards, incentives and gifts to important people you want to make it memorable.

That’s why choosing iChoose Visa prepaid cards for your awards, gifts, recognition and incentive programs is the perfect solution for your business. With choice packed into every card and fully branded options, your iChoose cards will become little pocket billboards for your brand every time a cardholder opens their wallet to use their card.

iChoose offers multiple types of cards and has been the trusted leader of corporate Visa prepaid products across the Australian and New Zealand markets since 2003. And, as the only independent partner in both markets we are continually driving new innovations and product development in prepaid reward card solutions.
The iChoose+ range gives your card holders greater choice and higher limits. They are also easier to manage with direct send via post to your intended recipient. iChoose+ is available in single load Visa prepaid cards and reloadable Visa prepaid cards.

iChoose gift cards are just like store cards, only better. For those that love the feeling of instant recognition, then handing out these Visa gift cards is for you!

At the heart of iChoose prepaid cards is choice! Your cardholders can spend their hard-earned rewards anywhere they want and on anything they like. No restrictions!

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Compare Card Types & Options

  iChoose Gift Card iChoose+ Single Load iChoose+ Reloadable
Activated life 1 or 2 years 1 or 2 years 1 or 2 years
Branded card option YES YES YES
Reloadable NO YES YES
Setup fee No, unless branded No, unless branded No, unless branded
No minimum order YES YES YES
Large volume discount Yes, if branded Yes, if branded Yes, if branded
Includes iChoose card carrier YES YES YES
Delivery Time 10-14 days 10-14 days 10-14 days
Secure postal delivery Bulk Ship to You Direct to Cardholder Direct to Cardholder
Secure activation In bulk – online By cardholder – online Per cardholder – online
Card limit $1000.00 $4999.99 $4999.99
Pay-wave Tap’n’Go NO NO YES
  iChoose Gift Card iChoose+ Single Load iChoose+ Reloadable

Supercharge your cashback programs

iChoose cashback offers higher ROI on cashback campaign budgets than traditional point of sale discounting campaigns.

Enjoy end-to-end management of your cashback program via our easy-to-use cashback platform, with full reporting on customer activity and behaviour.

iChoose offers everything you need to run a successful incentive and reward program, including promotion and communication of your cashback program to your loyal customers and partners.

iChoose+ Visa Gift Cards are the perfect solution to drive and increase sales, nudge existing customers along, create new leads, drive retention, and initiate repurchases and renewals for your brand.

We have a card to suit any need, budget or ROI formula. Choose from fully branded, co-branded and iChoose branded options. To get started, talk to one of our B2B incentive experts today.

Benefits to your business

  • Trusted
    Strong association with VISA
  • Secure
    Card activated by the recipient or you
  • Promotion
    Pocket billboard for your brand
  • Long-Lasting
    12 months or 24 months card validity periods
  • Cost-Effective
    Reduced administration, time and costs

Benefits to recipients

  • Unlimited Choice
    28 million VISA merchants worldwide
  • Branded Cash Is King
    Ultimate reward flexibility
  • It’s Personal
    Cardholder name printed on the card
  • Secure & Supported
    24/7 online and phone support
  • Convenient
    Shop online, in-store, over the phone