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Corporate Prepaid Cards

Delivered across the Trans-Tasman!

In 2003, iChoose was born with one goal in mind… to provide companies with a reward option that could make a real impact on recipients and change behaviour.

Since then the iChoose range of Visa prepaid cards have provided corporates with unparalleled flexibility, value and experience that has made our brand a leader in the New Zealand and Australian markets.

We like to think of our suite of iChoose prepaid products as branded cash, perfect for all corporate needs and budget. Our experience and knowledge of both markets have given us the ability to offer one brand with multiple uses.

Partner with iChoose knowing we are the only B2B centric Visa prepaid card provider in New Zealand and Australia that can offer a complete range of card options, deliver locally with local currency and have localised corporate client support team.

When you choose iChoose, you are elevating reward choice. Besides streamlining secure cash rewards, iChoose gives your customers the ultimate choice of the largest range of reward options in Australia and New Zealand.

Total flexibility and choice


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iChoose gift cards are used by companies that still love the impact of handing out gifts and awards to the people that matter. Ideal for HR awards, Christmas gifts and surprise and delight experiences.


  • Personalised
  • Customised
  • Higher limits
  • Direct to card holder
  • Corporate management portal
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The ideal reward solution for sales and marketing departments.

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Designed for corporates looking to provide rewards that break through the wallet-worthy barrier. Ongoing value top ups and branding options