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About iChoose

In 2003, iChoose was born with one goal in mind… to provide companies with a corporate gift cards and rewards that can make a real impact on recipients to grow market share.

Since then the iChoose range of Visa prepaid cards have provided corporates with unparalleled flexibility, value and experience that has made our brand a leader in the Australian and New Zealand rewards and incentive markets. And being Kiwi born and bred means the world to us.

Our experience and knowledge of both markets have given us the ability to offer one brand with multiple uses. We continue to push new ground in incentives and rewards, by innovating new ways to ensure you achieve your sales goals and keep your brand front of mind in every reward promotion.

We like to think of our suite of iChoose prepaid products as branded cash, perfect for all corporate needs and budget. We are the only B2B centric Visa prepaid card provider in New Zealand and Australia that can offer a complete range of card options and reward programs to suit any business need.

When you choose iChoose, you are choosing reward choice. Besides streamlining secure cash rewards, iChoose gives your customers ultimate choice of the largest range of reward options in Australia and New Zealand.

Our partnership with Visa prepaid gives your customers the flexibility to use their cash reward online and offline, locally or internationally to be able to purchase anything they want, anywhere they like, at anytime they desire.

For over 20 years, iChoose has been a trusted leader in corporate Visa prepaid products. Our history and achievements are a true testament to our success. For years, we have been a category breaker and a driver of product development and innovation, ensuring iChoose remains your respected promotional partner at the forefront of prepaid card solutions, offering the flexibility you demand to tailor the right card to your needs.

Total flexibility and choice


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iChoose gift cards are used by companies that still love the impact of handing out gifts and awards to the people that matter. Ideal for HR awards, Christmas gifts and surprise and delight experiences.


  • Personalised
  • Customised
  • Higher limits
  • Direct to card holder
  • Corporate management portal
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The ideal reward solution for sales and marketing departments.

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Designed for corporates looking to provide rewards that break through the wallet-worthy barrier. Ongoing value top ups and branding options

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Powered by 212F

iChoose is the innovation of one of Australia’s leading B2B incentive solution and loyalty agencies – 212F. We are not a financial institution, so we don’t think like one. And our background is in incentive, loyalty and reward programs that make an impact on recipients and on market share.

We began as an alternate store gift card supplier under the banner of 212F. Since then, we have continued to evolve our suite of reward and incentive products to offer exactly what corporates need.

We know rewards inspire peak performance and are the heart of any great sales strategy. We help you choose the right reward for your strategy. Our strategically designed loyalty and incentive programs combined with branded Visa prepaid cards are proven to influence desired behaviour among customers and drive positive returns.

If you need help with your next sales incentive strategy, get in touch, and one of our incentive experts will match the right card or program to your desired business outcome.

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