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Branded Visa Gift cards and customisation

Increase recognition and brand recall value – in the hands of your customer

Extending brand experience strategy

We think of our branded cards as pocket billboards for your brand. Every time a card holder uses a card customised with your logo they are reminded of you and your brand and why they do business with you. This is why iChoose offers corporate clients the full front face of the card for customisation.

Customising your prepaid card maximises impact and benefits when handing out corporate rewards, incentives or gifts. There is little value to your brand if the value you are awarding to customers, staff or partners is promoting someone else’s brand. Afterall, the reason you invested in an incentive and reward program in the first place is to make your brand memorable.

There is no other reward that can provide continual branding the way our branded gift cards and reloadable Visa prepaid cards can. This is why the iChoose prepaid card range is so attractive. They work like credit cards for the cardholder, while providing your brand with all the benefits of a customer gift card with real wallet worthy value to your brand every time a cardholder opens their wallet.

Fully Branded

  • Unaided
  • Brand recall value
  • Custom art work
  • Full face design
  • Strong brand association
  • iChoose support
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The ideal reward solution for sales and marketing departments.

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Designed for corporates looking to provide rewards that break through the wallet-worthy barrier.

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iChoose customer gift cards are used by companies that still love the impact of handing out gifts and awards to the people that matter.

Making your next initiative wallet worthy

Open your wallet, and what do you see? Most of us carry at least ten to fifteen promotional cards around in our wallets everywhere we go.

Why do we do this? Because they hold value and meaning, they connect us with a store or service we want to remember, or they have a useful purpose.

Now how many of these promotional cards are reward program cards? Without true value on the card, many won’t really justify a reason for taking up space in your wallet. The next time you clean out your wallet, those you do not really need or use will most likely be thrown away. But would you throw away a fully branded Visa prepaid reward card?

iChoose offers a reward solution that can break through the wallet-worthy barrier. We offer customisation of the full front face of the card for branding, which will give a tremendous boost to the success of your next sales initiative.

There is no doubt that iChoose fully branded Visa prepaid cards are best in class. Our branding and pricing options are structured to meet your need and timeline. Choose from fully branded or co-branded reloadable cards for short run initiatives.

Design options for any timeline and budget

iChoose Gift, iChoose+ Reloadable and iChoose+ Single load cards can be fully branded with discounts for volume orders and zero delivery time delays. So you can have the reward value loaded and ready to spend inside 24 hours!

This is one reason why iChoose Visa prepaid cards are so attractive to brands and card holders alike. Speed to market is essential for your rewards program success. Being able to cut down the time to deliver a reward makes it a winner for both you and your participants. With load limits of up to $4999.99 on single load and reloadable debit cards, there’s huge scope for usage beyond rewards too.

We don’t just offer co-branded cards that place your logo alongside Visa. Afterall, it’s your Visa prepaid incentive card, not ours. To maximise impact, we give you the opportunity to custom design the entire front card face to fit with your branding and corporate identity. And our branding options don’t just stop there! At iChoose, flexibility of choice is always our goal. So, we have also extended our branding options to include a range of card carriers, and even to several cardholder portals.

There is no doubt that iChoose fully branded Visa prepaid cards are best in class. Our branding and pricing options are structured to meet your needs and timeline. Choose from fully branded or co-branded reloadable cards on short run initiatives.

Our experienced iChoose brand enhancement team will help you from design to card costs, creating the complete package to resonate and maximise brand recall value within your target audience while fitting your budget and timeline.

And our customer service team will be there to engage with your customers whenever they need assistance as they interact with your brand.

You choose the reason!

  • Business Partners

    • Loyalty & retention programs
    • Reseller rewards
    • Sales rep incentives
    • Repeat purchases incentives
    • B2B incentives
    • Expense card
    • Rebates
    • Higher valued rewards than egift card incentives
  • Customer Campaigns

    • Cash back promotions
    • Gift with purchase
    • Prize draws
    • Christmas Gifts
    • Rebates
  • Staff Recognition

    • Long service awards
    • Sales bonuses
    • Internal sales incentives
    • Christmas gifts
    • Expenses & travel
    • Anniversary celebrations
    • Staff awards
    • End of financial year payments

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