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Single Load Corporate Prepaid Cards

Personalised direct send to each cardholder with one click.


We offer iChoose, co-branded or fully branded card options.

Take your corporate gift cards to the next level.

iChoose+ single load cards might seem like an ordinary corporate gift card on the surface but lift the lid and find these cards have the next level of options.

Visa prepaid single load cards are ideal for customer and consumer initiatives, where you have a large volume of prepaid gift cards to distribute as part of a large reward offer, cashback or promotions directly to the individual.

Offering higher limits per card, no card fees, and no ugly use-it-or-lose-it clauses and direct postage to the cardholder, iChoose+ single loads are the hassle-free card option to fit in with any sales or marketing initiative from customer rewards, advertising, cashback or rebate offer.

iChoose+ offers end-to-end order management. Just send through your card holder details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

iChoose+ Single Load Visa prepaid has it all…

  • Full customisation and branding options
  • Competitive pricing & no fees
  • Secure delivery and card handling services

Make your brand stand out!

Enhance your employee recognition program, incentivise staff or manage corporate expenses? Our Corporate prepaid gift cards are the perfect solution. At iChoose, we offer a range of branded card options that allow you to showcase your brand and make a memorable impression.

With iChoose single load corporate gift cards, you can load any amount onto the card, and your employees can spend the funds as they choose. This means they can use it to purchase anything from a cup of coffee to a new computer. With the convenience of being able to use the card wherever Visa is accepted, your employees can also manage their spending in a hassle-free way.

By offering your employees branded corporate prepaid gift cards, you are providing a valuable benefit they can use in their everyday lives. With iChoose, you can customise the card with your logo and brand colours, making it a memorable and impactful way to show your appreciation.

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iChoose+ Single Load card types and pricing

Fully Branded iChoose+ Single Load Card


+ GST per card

  • Customise a card design with your logo and image*
  • One-off setup fee (excluding art work)
  • No minimum branded cards orders,
  • Volume discounts for large orders
  • iChoose+ card carrier included
  • Load any card value up to $4999.99
  • Each card is sent directly to the cardholder 7-10 working days from payment
  • Cards are activated by the card holder through their personal card portal

How it works

  • Order

    Order your iChoose+ single load cards, through the iChoose corporate portal. You are in control of each order by simply providing the fund load of each card and cardholders detail who will be receiving that card. We’ll do the rest.
  • Post

    Single load cards are sent securely directly to the cardholder via post. Don’t worry about having to repackage and reship!
  • Activate

    When the cardholder receives their iChoose+ card, they activate it using their personal details through the cardholder portal. There is no stress if it’s lost in post, no funds are on the until activated!
  • Spend

    With funds available on the card – they can enjoy themselves! Your customers or partners can now use the card in multiple transactions with over 24 million merchants around the world, anywhere Visa is accepted. They can shop online and instore. You choose the reason; they choose the reward!
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The best reward solution in across Australia and New Zealand.

When it comes to rewarding your customers and staff, there’s no room for compromise. That’s why iChoose+ single load corporate prepaid cards are the perfect solution for any business looking to take their rewards and recognition programs to the next level.

With secure delivery and card handling services, iChoose+ provides peace of mind for both you and your customers. iChoose takes care of everything, from sending the inactive single load cards directly to each cardholder via post, to minimizing your postage and handling costs. And with cards that can only be activated by the cardholder’s personal details, the risk is minimal.

But that’s just the beginning – iChoose+ single load cards are also the best rewarding solution in the Australian and New Zealand markets. With robust compliance and a secure ordering process, you can trust that your customers’ data and transactions are always safe and secure.

And with higher limits per card, customisation options, and no fees, iChoose+ provides the ultimate level of flexibility and convenience. Plus, with end-to-end order management, it’s a hassle-free card option that seamlessly integrates with any sales or marketing initiative.

So why settle for less?

Elevate your rewards program with iChoose+ single load corporate prepaid cards and give your customers the gift of cash while building a stronger relationship with them.


  • An iChoose+ Single Load Visa is similar to a gift card or a debit card that is ‘Prepaid’. This means it can be used until the balance is exhausted. Cardholders select credit at the checkout and enter the PIN which they set when they activate a card. The card can be used multiple times until the balance is exhausted. Card use instructions are printed on the card packaging.

  • iChoose+ Single Load cards can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted, including online at over 24 million merchants worldwide. Whether you are purchasing high street fashion, electrical products, garden products, event tickets, something for the kids or something special for yourself – you can see the options are endless – these cards definitely give you the freedom of choice!

  • iChoose+ Single Load cards can be ordered with any dollar amount from $10 to $4,999.99 per card.

  • iChoose+ Single Load cards can only be ordered by Corporates, with the ability to send an iChoose+ Single Load card directly to anyone as long as you have their name, address and phone number and DOB. We usually see iChoose+ Single load cards sent to customers, staff and consumers for the purpose of cashback, awards, rebates and incentives.

  • iChoose+ Single Load cards are sent directly to the cardholder via post. When they receive the card, they will follow the instruction on the card carrier to activate their card via the ‘My Card’ portal. Using personal information linked to their card, once activated the card is ready for use.

  • All iChoose+ Single Load cards include local postage charges in the cost of the card. There are no more postage charges to you or your cardholder.

  • There is no minimum card order for iChoose+ Single Load cards. If you want your own card with branding, there is a minimum order of 25 cards.

  • Our expert iChoose sales team will help you with all your queries on card purchases. Simply press ‘Contact Us’ to and will assist matching the right card for your needs.

  • Card orders take 7-10 business days to be printed, packed and shipped to the cardholder. Once in the post, the delivery time is in the hand of the post! Please keep this in mind when you require cards to be delivered by a specific date.

  • iChoose+ Single Load card can only be ordered by corporates. We will need your company details to se tup an account. Once ready to order we will need personal details of your cardholders to ensure we create and send a card securely to that individual. We will need a full name, address, phone number and DOB to issue the card to a cardholder.

  • iChoose+ Single Load cards can be fully branded with your company design. We can create a card design for you, or you can provide us with a card design to use. Card design is subject to Visa approval. Depending on the volume of cards required, it can be anywhere from 4 – 12 weeks to setup a fully branded card design and a setup fee applies. If you are after your own branded iChoose+ Single Load card please contact our brand enhancement team at info@ichoosecard.co.nz so that they can assist you in creating your branded card.

  • Yes, iChoose+ Single Load cards have a 12 month expiration period from the date of issue. Cards will expire at the end of the month shown in the expiry date printed on the card. Once this date has passed, a cardholder will not be able to use the card and any remaining balance will be forfeited. Cardholders cannot do cash advance or balance transfers to their bank account from their iChoose+ reward card. If used overseas, cards may be subject to foreign currency exchange fees charged by 3rd party financial institutions.

  • We cannot extend the expiry date of an iChoose+ Single Load card. Once the card has expired, any remaining funds are forfeited and the card cannot be accessed. Cardholders will not be notified prior to the expiry date.

  • Yes, while iChoose+ single load is interest free and does not have a 3 month use it or lose it clause or transactional fees, some fees and charges apply. Cards are not subject to annual fees, however cards will be deducted $2.50 per monthly fee starting from the 7th month from issue. In Australia, Choose+ Single Load cards are not subject to interest rates or bank and financial institution fees and charges.

  • When the cardholder has finished with the iChoose+ Single Load cards they can cut it in half and discard it. They do not need to mail the fully spent card back to us. No additional fees will be charged to you or the cardholder.

  • All cardholders can check their card balance for free by visiting the cardholder website found on the back of the card or within the card pack.

  • A cardholder can log into the card portal with the personal account details they created when activating the card and request a replacement card. Or they can call the support line on 1800 914 332 (fees apply on phone calls)

  • No, iChoose+ Single Load cards cannot be re-loaded or topped up. Once the card has been issued with a set value, the card value can be spent and the card disposed of.

  • At iChoose, we offer branding and customisation options for our corporate prepaid gift cards. You can add your company logo, brand colours, and messaging to the card design.

  • With iChoose corporate prepaid gift cards, you can load any amount onto the card and track employee spending in real-time using our online platform. This allows you to manage expenses and stay within budget.

  • Corporate prepaid gift cards are a valuable benefit that employees can use for everyday expenses or one-time purchases, giving them flexibility and choice. It’s also a memorable and impactful way to show appreciation and recognition for their hard work.

  • Yes, the iChoose single-load corporate prepaid gift cards are Visa branded and can be used wherever Visa is accepted, both online and in-store.

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